Application for CLE Credit

PLEASE NOTE: For NFPA credential renewals (RP® or CRP™), you do not need to apply for NFPA CLE approval if the event was sponsored by an NFPA member association; a state, local, or specialty bar association; any court; a governmental agency (if you are a government employee); the American Alliance of Paralegals; or the National Association of Legal Assistants. NFPA automatically accepts CLE hours awarded by any of the those organizations.

NFPA members who are Pa.C.P's and NJCP's: A discount is available to you! Sign in and visit the NFPA Member Benefits page in the Members Only menu to find a link to that version of this form!

To submit this form via mail, fill out and print this form and send it, along with supporting documents and payment, to:
          23607 Highway 99, Suite 2-C
          Edmonds, WA 98026

Applicant Details

First name: (required)
Last name:
(as shown on credential)
Credentials held:
(e.g. Jane Doe, RP, CRP, Pa.C.P, NJCP)
Phone number: (required)
Preferred E-mail: (required)
Please note that CLE application responses are sent by e-mail - make sure we can reach you!
Mailing Address: (required)
City: (required)
State Abbreviation: (required)
Zip code: (required)
Applicant is an: PACE® Registered Paralegal (RP®)
CORE™ Registered Paralegal (RP®)
Pennsylvania Certified Paralegal (Pa.C.P.)
New Jersey Certified Paralegal (NJCP)
This form is for individuals seeking credit for CLE-worthy activities, not for organizations seeking pre-approval for their CLE presentations.

Activity Details

Activity you are seeking CLE credit for: time spent as an instructor
time spent as a speaker
time spent as an author
time spent in self-study
attending a CLE event for which organizer did not get pre-approval
Title of Presentation or Authored Item:
(if unclear from title)
Date of activity:
Length of activity:
(do not include breaks or meals)
If you are seeking ethics credit, how much of the above time are you requesting ethics credit for?
(for presentations) Location (city, state) of Presentation:
(for attendance) Presenter's Name:
Supporting Document(s):
  • presenter: send outline
  • author: send article and proof of publication
  • attendee: send copy of brochure/flyer, bio/resume of each speaker and certificate of attendance
  • self-study: see CLE Guidelines

There is a $10.00 fee for approval of each CLE event. Total: $10

I understand that CLE submitted for approval are not to be included in RP or CRP renewals until/unless approved.

If you wish to keep a copy of this form for your records, please print it now before submitting.

modified 7/31/2014

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